We bring out innovative solutions in research and development

We are a one-stop technology company. We meet our customers' technology needs in a single center.

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Monitoring and Control

We digitize your facilities and systems. We develop decision support software that will earn added value to your organization.

Electronic Product Development

We design, program and manufacture the electronic equipment you need.

Internet of Things

For transformations to be made under Industry 4.0, we manufacture our own connected smart devices and develop our own artificial intelligence software.


Communication Technology

We create the hardware and software infrastructure that will enable your systems and processes to work in communication with each other

Hardware Design

We make designs from analog circuits to digital circuits with microcontroller and high-speed microprocessor cards with multi-processor

Software Solutions

As Hexatech, we design and present the ideas you want to realize in the digital platform with a unique approach

Data Management

To ensure the steady operation of your processes, we prepare and organize your data in line with your business needs

Big Data & Analytics

We generate simple reports and detailed predictive models appropriate for your business objectives by extracting meaningful information from large data

Decision Support & AI

We develop algorithms producing business outputs that will improve your processes, enhance your productivity and bring out added value


05 May 2018 Sabah Newspaper, Ankara Başkent News section has an interview about our company and our work. In the interview we talked about our existing products and especially our work in the renewable energy sector. https://www.sabah.com.tr/ankara-baskent/2018/03/04/ekmegini-gunesten-cikartiyor ..

TV8 posted on the screen, Turkey and finds viewers from 63 countries, economic, cultural and taken as a whole the social aspects of a particular industry news program that Agenda program in the city came to visit the HexaTech to the next section. ..

Hexatech has been covered in the February 2018 volume of ICT Media

You should take a look to learn more about our company and the activities we carry out

ICT Media Magazine wanted to take part in our "Technopolis World" section where we reported on technocents, our company and our share of the work we do. Our article on ICT Media, our vision of industrial intelligence, is available in February 2018. To read online: http://online.fliphtml5.com/kfal/aigi/?1517481062935#p=81   ..

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