The control and monitoring devices we develop serve Turkey's energy infrastructure in four regions and 120 renewable energy plants.

We are an innovative technology development company Operating in Ankara Teknopark; specialized in electronic design, wired-wireless communication, internet of things (IOT) and embedded software. We meet the digitization and technology needs of our customers in a single center.

We have a young and dynamic team with highly operational capabilities. We produce fast and effective solutions to the changing needs of our customers in changing processes.

In our processes, we are working in a manner to protect the basic and generic structure of our core technologies. In other words, we develop our basic technologies independent of system and platform in a structure that is adaptable to innovation and prone to evolution. In this respect, we provide continuous added value to our customers with our products and services.

R&D and Pr&D

We are following technology closely. We carry out our work toward both developing new products and methods and improving the existing methods.

University - Industry Cooperation

The technopark we are located in is in the industrial zone. In terms of application, we are in close touch with the industry. We are also in cooperation with universities. We work with field expert faculties.

National and International Funds

We have experience in the process management and preparation of projects financed by national funds such as TUBITAK, KOSGEB, Development Agencies and international funds such as EU and World Bank.

Director's Message

Throughout history, technological and scientific developments have always shaped future. The industrial revolution that began with the use of steam powered mechanical systems has come to its present state with the invention of electricity, digitalization and the integration of information technologies into industry. Today, thanks to the internet, every individual in the world has the power to reach information and to one another. We call it power, because these structures that emerge out of the gathering of the masses on the internet, today constitute the information resources which cannot be easily interfered by any states, open source software platforms on which the most developed software programs of the world are created and the social media platforms that enable reaching out to millions of people with a single post. Do not be surprised if you see that the invention of the internet is told in the history books just as the French Revolution tomorrow. Because, the Internet,for sure, is one of the most important and most variable technologies that humanity has invented up until now . 

The Internet has changed the world by connecting people, and now a brand new internet is evolving to change the world once again. This new internet is not only focusing on connecting people anymore; but it is also developed to connect things to one another and that's why it is called the internet of things.

As Hexatech, we produce solutions with a fast, reliable and innovative understanding in the field of technology that we believe will shape the future, especially in the sectoral requirements needed within the scope of  Industry 4.0. We hope to contribute to the knowledge accumulation of humanity with our innovative technologies that we have been developing domestically in this field.


Ahmet Sina Bağcı