Add value to your company with Hexatech product family.

Smart Monitoring Equipment


HexaRec product family provides the hardware and communications infrastructure that enables your systems and processes to work in communication with one another. It can be used in many functions where production takes place such as renewable energy plants and industrial facilities. It is able to combine functions such as digital and analog input-output, information recorder, temperature and radiation sensor reading in a single device. It offers monitoring, analysis and reporting capabilities in a way to reduce user costs thanks to its built-in web and database servers.

Remote Monitoring and Control Software

Hexa Vision

Vision is an advanced user software that enables you to monitor and control every step of your system and processes. It enables the constitution of right decisions in a timely manner by analyzing large data collected from your system. Vision provides a variety of information that is tailored to your specific needs such as custom fault detection alarms, detailed production and plant reports, and financial reports. You can evaluate the efficiency of your system with the reports and information you receive from Vision. You can also manage your devices via Vision and have a better, more efficient system.